Brand New!

Brand New!

So how much will my investment in this service be?

As you will see, it’s worth a lot – but the good news is that your investment will only be from £500 plus VAT.

What’s more, since we appreciate that cash flow is all-important in the early years of a new business, we will invite you to make a small payment up front and the balance spread over the year as 10 monthly payments – with no additional charge.

The New Small Business Support Programme

What is included in the package?
Business advice set up – Up to four hours with one of our Business Advisers to discuss taxation, legal requirements, insurance, financial planning and accountancy issues in respect of setting up your business. We will also deal with all the paperwork for submission to the taxation authorities – we will take away the worry of getting on the wrong side of the taxman! worth £600
Basic Bookkeeping training and accounting system installation – A full day of comprehensive bookkeeping training (or two half day sessions if preferred).  A well-kept set of books and records will provide you with reliable information regarding the performance of your business and keep accountancy fees to a minimum.  We will also install an appropriate accounts system alongwith advice and setting up of your opening balances. worth £300
Free marketing and financial advice – As part of the package we have negotiated an hour long meeting with an I.T.consultant, a local marketing consultant and a local independent financial adviser where relevant – who all understand the world of business.  You will be able to ask about any PR issues you may have, and advice regarding pensions, investments and insurance – all free of charge. worth £350
Quarterly Board meetings – One of the things that all of the UK’s most successful companies have in common is that they hold regular board meetings to discuss strategy.  What’s more, in our experience, when smaller businesses – even one man band businesses – start holding board meetings they immediately start thinking like, acting like and achieving like their bigger and more successful counterparts.  We’ll gladly come to any four of your key business meetings as a resource to help you make the very best use of your time. And you can use us in any way you want – from silent observer to adjudicator, technical adviser to independent sounding board, chairman to minute taker, or even as the facilitator for brainstorming sessions. worth £400
Raising finance (including forecast cash flow and profit and loss) – Preparation of detailed cash flow and profit and loss forecasts for your first year in business. You will also get unlimited meeting support with bank managers.  As well as being suitable for presentation to your bank if finance is required, these forecasts will provide a target for you to achieve during your first year in business. worth £500
Unlimited free ad hoc advice – most importantly as a valued client you will have unlimited access to our team for advice on ad-hoc matters.  This means that you can call on us at any time knowing that you will never be charged for our time or advice.  So I hope you will feel free to speak to us whenever you need to, without ever having to worry about the cost. worth ££’s
Value >£2,150
You Pay £500

Of course, if any of the issues raised at any of these unlimited consultations (or anywhere else) require research or analysis beyond the consultation, we will give you a fixed price quotation for that extra work before any additional work is started.