Oswestry Accountant launches FREE Taxability Guide

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant is urging businesses and individuals to make a New Year’s resolution to save themselves money by going through his free taxability guide.

Tax expert Rob Ellis, who lives in Llanfechain and works from his office in Willow Street, Oswestry, believes whilst many people make resolutions around making more money in the New Year, many overlook the fact they could easily be saving money with better tax planning and advice.

Rob Ellis explains: “At this time of year, people are often under a huge amount of pressure due to the cost of Christmas and also the fact they have to get their tax return in by the end of January – so all they see is money potentially going out of their accounts. “A lot of new clients tell me their main concern or resolution for the New Year is simply to work harder and earn more and more money.” “However, I often find when I look at everything they are doing, with a few simple changes they can save themselves a significant amount of money in tax – and it can often be done by changing very simple things which they can sometimes do for themselves.” Now in a bid to help people with their New Year’s savings, Rob has written a free guide to taxability in order to potentially help people save money, simply by answering ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ to a series of questions.

Rob said: “If you go through the check list and have answered no or don’t know to any of these questions then you should be talking to your existing accountant or someone new about it or looking into the matter further yourself if you feel able.” He added: “As a businessman myself, obviously I would love people to come to me for advice but I see tax as a bigger issue than any one accountant. I would urge people whoever they use for advice or if they do things themselves, to look at this list and see if they are paying more tax than they need to be. After all, we all work hard for our money and we don’t want to be giving it away to HMRC needlessly.”

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