A Powys Restaurant So Good It Can Turn A Vegetarian Into A Meat Eater

I have two fairly basic life lessons:

1. If something is too good to be true then it probably is.
2. Make sure you are careful who you ask, as we all have different definitions of what constitutes good and real – especially when it comes to issues of food and money.

Generally speaking, I think most people live in the belief and hope good things can and will happen to them. But sadly, it is this very notion which enables other unscrupulous people to try and target them with fake emails and scams.


Accountant’s review: Townhouse Oswestry – real value for money

As an accountant who grew up in Powys and Shropshire and spent a lot of my time in and around Oswestry, I feel passionate about the concept of spending my money locally – whenever I can.

Running a business – any business – is hard, and there are so many different challenges to overcome. But I think many new and existing businesses make the mistake of thinking just because they are local and have potential customers on their doorstep, all they have to do is open the doors and watch people come back time and time again.


The Grill in Powys Gets A Family Friendly Thumbs Up

As a first time father to a 7 month old son I was surprised when several months ago we were prevented from eating at a restaurant as they said their licence would only allow children they were happy to accommodate, in this case those aged 6 plus.

Younger children, they informed us, had been known to do things like scribble on walls.

We tried to explain he was fast asleep, couldn’t even hold a crayon and would be no trouble at all. But no was a no and so we ended up in our hotel room with a takeaway and a reality check, and another change that comes with parenthood – the negotiation around eating out.


Shropshire businesses should get Involved with HMRC consultation on fines

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant is urging people to participate in new consultations about the Taxman’s proposals to triple the fine on small businesses if they fail to pay their taxes on time.

Rob Ellis, Managing Partner of Welch and Ellis, which is based in Willow Street, Oswestry, says it is vital small business owners make their views known about Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) considering introducing a sliding scale that could bring a penalty of up to 15 per cent of a company’s outstanding tax bill.


Oswestry Accountants urges Shropshire and Powys firms not to panic buy Brexit services

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant has hit out at companies and individuals trying to cash in on people’s fears for the future following the Brexit vote.

Rob Ellis, Managing Partner of Welch and Ellis, which is based in Willow Street, Oswestry, says the internet and social media is already heaving with people offering courses and services which they claim will help you to ‘Brexit’ proof or protect your business – usually for a hefty fee.


Accountant Urges Taxpayers in Powys and Shropshire To Take New Year Look At ‘Taxability’

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant is urging businesses and individuals to make a New Year’s resolution to save themselves money by going through his free taxability guide.

Tax expert Rob Ellis, who lives in Llanfechain and works from his office in Willow Street, Oswestry, believes whilst many people make resolutions around making more money in the New Year, many overlook the fact they could easily be saving money with better tax planning and advice.


Rob Ellis to Offer Advice at CLA Event Highlighting The Potential of Diversifying Into Glamping

POWYS AND SHROPSHIRE landowners are being urged to attend an event organised by the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) where they can discover the potential of diversifying into glamping.

CLA Cymru is holding the event in conjunction with local experts, for landowners who are looking at diversifying into glamping and want to learn more about what it involves in practical terms, what pitfalls to avoid and also how they may be able to fund the project.


On Tax and Tapas in Shrewsbury

A few weeks ago, at the suggestion of and accompanied by good friends, five of us enjoyed a meal at The Olive Tree in Frankwell Island, Shrewsbury. My friends had heard good things about the place and since my wife Jo and I love Mediterranean food, especially Tapas, we were keen to give it a try.

Having managed to snag a parking spot right outside, I was content that even though I was the designated driver for the night, at least I would not need to walk my merry companions very far.