Year: 2017

Family Office

We act for many large international families who find that they need help in organising the UK side of their family finances on a day to day level, through our family office service.  Our clients need our help on an intimate day to day level, so that we can do what we’re good at (helping Read More…

Data Protection

The basics You may visit this site without revealing any personal information. However, if you request specific information, provide feedback, participate in a marketing initiative or apply for a job online you will be disclosing personal data to us. This will be treated in accordance with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act Read More…

Valuing unquoted shares for tax purposes

When unquoted shares are involved, it is likely that HMRC’s share valuation division will negotiate an acceptable value with you. The approach will differ according to whether you are disposing of a majority or a minority shareholding. 


Changes to the taxation of residential property

Individuals that own and let property are facing a number of changes to the way in which their rental income, and more importantly, the deductions they can make from their rents for income tax purposes, are changing.

They include:
1. An increase in the rent-a-room allowance.
2. The abolition of the wear and tear allowance if you let furnished residential property that is not part of a holiday lets business; and the introduction of a new replacement furniture relief.
3. The gradual restriction of higher rate income tax relief for finance costs.


Worried About The Budget Hype? – Accountant Will Advise For Free On Skype

A SHROPSHIRE and POWYS accountant is offering free advice sessions via Skype to help those living in remote rural communities who are concerned about the new budget changes.

Rob Ellis, Managing Partner of Welch and Ellis, which is based in Willow Street, Oswestry is offering free sessions to anyone who is interested, but is particularly keen to help those who live in remote and rural communities, or who may find it difficult to find time to visit an accountant for brief advice due to family or work commitments or health issues.


A Powys Restaurant So Good It Can Turn A Vegetarian Into A Meat Eater

I have two fairly basic life lessons:

1. If something is too good to be true then it probably is.
2. Make sure you are careful who you ask, as we all have different definitions of what constitutes good and real – especially when it comes to issues of food and money.

Generally speaking, I think most people live in the belief and hope good things can and will happen to them. But sadly, it is this very notion which enables other unscrupulous people to try and target them with fake emails and scams.


Accountant’s review: Townhouse Oswestry – real value for money

As an accountant who grew up in Powys and Shropshire and spent a lot of my time in and around Oswestry, I feel passionate about the concept of spending my money locally – whenever I can.

Running a business – any business – is hard, and there are so many different challenges to overcome. But I think many new and existing businesses make the mistake of thinking just because they are local and have potential customers on their doorstep, all they have to do is open the doors and watch people come back time and time again.